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Welcome to Flevo Aviation Hobby

This site is created to serve all aviation hobby fans around the world. It is created by Björn and Niels Dol, and is run without any sponsering or advertisements. We are located at Lelystad, The Netherlands.

The kit and decal review sections will be updated a few times a month with reviews, and not only the latest kits, but also the older ones, of which many are out of production. Hunderds of kits and decals are still waiting to be reviewed. It is also possible for visitors of the site to add reviews to the site, contact us for this how to send in your review, and to inform if we don't have that item already, but not yet online. With thousends of kits produced, every review in welcome! The review sections are sorted by scale and manufactor, if you are looking for a particalair type of aircraft, use the search option of your browser.
Manufactures are able to send in review items, contact us for address information and other information. The recieved products wil be reviewed as soon as possible, and placed online.

We also offer a lot of refferences! besides several series of pictures of airshows, and pictures of the AMARC storage depot located at Davis Monthan AFB in the USA (of is now a small section online), we also offer walk arounds many aircrafts! For this section it's also possible to send in your own walkarounds! Please contact us also before you send anything in!

During early 2009 we started to produce our own Decals under the name of Flevo Decals. The main subject of our releases will be aircraft that served with the Dutch Air Force, or the Dutch Naval Air Service, both in the Netherlands, and in the former Dutch Netherlands East indies. Not only Dutch subjects will be released, also many other subjects from all over the world! If you have a request for a decal option, and you can deliver us the nescesary refferences, we will always consider it to create decals for that subject.

and also to keep things a bit affordable, we have a marketplace, with brand new kits, and 2nd hand kits and decals.
All 2nd hand kits are complete! most of these are only used to be reviewed. The prices are in Euro, and internatinal shipping costs are on request.

We hope that you like our site! feel free to leave feedback if you Like!

Niels Dol
Björn Dol
Flevo Aviation Hobby